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It is pleasing that:  the first issue of the University of Kordofan Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (UKJNRES) is now available as hard version and as online one as well.  It is also a pleasurable that many authors opt to publish their papers in this Journal. I am grateful to the members of the editorial board for the effort exerted to accomplish their assignment and for the reviewers who gave their time and attention to guarantee that, the quality of the work published in UKJNRES is of the uppermost standard. However, special mentioned are M. H. Mohammed, Managing Editor, and D. M. Mekki and A. M. El Naim, members of editorial board for their un-failing efforts in executive tasks that paved the way for the realization of this issue.


The stream of papers to this journal obliges the editorial board to screen, within the journal scope, for the topics and authors diversity. Therefore, we postponed publishing, in the current issue, some of the accepted papers which may definitely be the seed for the forthcoming versions. This issue compiles assortment of papers that cover all the spectrum of the journal themes of natural resources and environmental studies. 


Eventually, may I invite scientists and professionals in the realm of natural resources and environmental studies to have read papers of their choice, from this journal, which document some of the important materials in the thematic area of UKJNRES that may unequivocally narrowing knowledge gap. Invitation is kindly extended to scientists and professionals to submit their manuscripts and/or joining UKJNRES as reviewers/ editors.


Abdalla M. ABDALLA

Editor in Chief, UKJNRES